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The Gaming industry is by far the most rapidly expanding software sector. As such the sophistication and complexity of modern titles brings with it a diverse range of features (both software and hardware), UI, functionality due to interaction, server concerns with Online Multiplayer options, and Security regarding accounts and payments.

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Alpha / Beta Testing


Alpha and Beta Testing is not exclusive to the Gaming industry, but due to the common exposure, they do tend to find themselves mostly associated with this market sector. Our dedicated in-house QA Alpha Testing Teams form part of our Acceptance Testing and specialize in Bug Identification. Should it be required, we can also provide extensive Beta Testing services, normally provide with a hand-selected series of focus groups designed to 'Real World' test as many conceivable usage scenarios as possible. This not only helps to finalize any further bugs but is also used to gain user feedback on UI logic,  functionality, and feature understanding.

Features Testing


Using a combination of Automated testing and Manual Targeted Testing we can rapidly test all current features functionality to determine process, load durability, and user logic. From this we can assess concerns over redundancies, Cross-Platform and browser breakdown, and UI flow. Feature Testing is not just a simple case of repeat testing to determine the response of an action, knowing if the user logic is correct is essential. Is it understood in real world scenarios

Smoke Testing


Smoke testing (also known as confidence, sanity, or build verification testing) is primary simple failures testing, that touches the main functions and/or updates. Failures on these are severe enough to reject a release and determine that a project should be subjected to further, more refined testing. Smoke tests run quickly, often in minutes, and gives the benefit of quicker feedback and faster turnaround. Negating the need to run a full test suite, saving hours or even days.

Automation Testing


Our State-of-the-Art in-house device lab allows us to run predetermined Automation script testing across multiple devices simultaneously or to repeat multiple actions in rapid succession. Although this will not cover all testing criteria, it does create very fast and cost effective solutions to various groups of testing throughout the Development Process. Automation should be included where appropriate to do so for time and budget benefits.

Localisation Testing


Multiple studies show it is possible to increase app downloads with by up to 270% through accurate localization of software content and App Store ASO alone. However, errors in linguistic conversion, logic, and cultural considerations can be just as costly to user uptake and adoption. Localizing your software in not a simple case of translation, and should be carefully testing to ensure accurate deployment.


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