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Software Testing Options

Heroic Services


At Testing Hero we are dedicated to not only to providing great testing services, but the right level of service and support. We strive to balance the perfect match of testing methods, communication tools and skilled workforce to fit your project. 



As game quality and device capabilities rocket, the need for knowledgeable Game Development and testing has never been higher.

Mobile Apps


With 70% of all internet traffic generated by mobile devices, a mobile app is far more than a luxury. It is the device of choice for most consumers.

Web Apps


Your website is the face of your company, where most customers and clients establish initial contact. Make the right first impression.

Manual and Automation


Most projects will require a blend of both Automation and Manual Testing. We find the right solution for maximum accuracy and cost effective results.

Full-Cycle Testing


From planning to full development and beyond, Testing Hero is ready to add expertise to fit your needs at any step of the Software Development Life Cycle.



Take advantage of your own dedicated team with none of the associated overheads. Scale to fit your ever changing needs and stay in full control.



Strategizing your milestones and goals from start to finish on any Software Development product is a massive undertaking. Communication, testing, and iterations all involve dozens of moving parts running in synchronicity. Allow our expertise to be your education short-cut and avoid unforeseen delays, redesigns, iterations and costs.

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