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The primary point of concern for any project should be communication, both internally and externally. Testing Hero has the ability to seamlessly integrate with your existing Project management Methodologies should you wish to internally contain your project. Internally, we act as an Agile development company, helping us to respond more effectively to unpredictability through incremental, iterative work cadences and empirical feedback. 

Agile Development is an alternative to traditional sequential development, and comprises of several iterative and incremental software development methodologies. In short, our process easily adapts at any stage and integrates for maximum effectiveness.

Scrum Methodology


The product owner will follow the development closely, control the progress and prioritize the work to ensure it is on track. The product owner will receive a new build at the end of each sprint and must test and verify each feature to make the final validation and supply detailed feedback.


We have two possible options on how we work with our clients depending on your required level of project control and time availability:

  1. Project Owner: The client is the product owner, you will be involved deeply in our development process and will be able to follow the team progress on a day to day basis. It requires more time and investment on the project.

  2. Project Validator: If time or resources are short, our Director of Engineering can be the product owner. In this scenario, you will receive final versions of the project after each milestone is reached and will give your validation and detailed feedback.

Scrum Methodology - General Product Backlog

The general product backlog is created during the requirement and specification phase, it will contain a list of user stories including all the features that will be part of the project.

Scrum Methodology - Detailed Sprint Backlog

Before starting each sprint the product owner will define which user stories will be part of the sprint. A detailed sprint backlog will be created with the detailed specification of each feature. The client will validate the specifications before the beginning of the sprint.

Scrum Methodology - Sprint

The Sprint is a fixed period of time, between 1 and 4 weeks. During each sprint the project team will have a goal to finish as many user stories as possible. A new build will be created for the client to test and view the progress at the end of each sprint.

Project Management Tool - JIRA

We use JIRA to manage our projects internally. We can give you a client access and allow you to view the live progress of the project with:

Customized Dashboards

You can have a quick overview on the status of the current active sprint as well as the global status and list of tasks for each planned release.

Active Sprint View

You can view and monitor the progress of the tasks and their status in the active sprint.


We are open to using any of your existing project management tools as an alternative approach. And are familiar with Trello, Redmine, HipChat, Confluence, Google Docs, Zoho and many others.

Source Code Versioning Control - GitHub

All of our code is versioned and secured in our private GitHub repository.


This allows us to have:

  • No code lost, misplaced

  • Complete history of all changes

  • Backup of each deployment and easy, quick roll back if needed

  • Our code review team to validate all code via pull requests before merging on the master branch

  • Transparency with you to view our code


Quality Assurance is about two factors. Building trust with your outsource partner through the delivery of high-quality Testing Services, and maintaining that quality through a cost effective solution to fit your budgets. To help facilitate these needs we have broken our service down into three starting points to help start to understand your position.




Defined plan of requirements


Smaller Projects with set testing needs requiring up to 100 hours


You are familiar with Project Management


Your in-house team is limited on time and resources when it comes to daily task management and you are mostly interested in the results at milestone level.




Projects with shifting or hard to define parameters and needs.


You are familiar with high-level Project Management and your in-house team is capable of co-running the Project Management with us.


Flexibility to tailor the project needs at any time.




Long term and maturing projects.

Clear defined project requirements or evolving needs.

You wish to manage the hired team.

Total management control of your team and communication streams.


Software Outsourcing


We have established ourselves an enviable position. Voted one of the top Outsourcing Destinations, Vietnam boasts a high level of engineering expertise, in a highly cost-effective environment. High talent and low costs. Thanks to our multi-phase recruiting system and people-focused career training systems, Testing Hero has the best of them. Our 95% staff retention rate shows our commitment to our people, as well as our clients. On top of this, we have imported high-level expertise from around the world, giving our teams, international standards and experience.

Over 90% of our clients chose to work with our teams remotely, however, we are capable of placing expertise on-site to suit your project requirements or a combination of both.

I have been working with this company for almost 10 years. I consider myself very lucky to have access to such a talented team for a variety of company needs.


CEO, MocoSpace

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