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‘HERO’ - (noun)

someone who is admired for outstanding achievements, and/or noble qualities.



Clear communications: We work hard to maintain open, honest, and proactive communications, both internally and with clients. We believe this is the core trait of successful projects, and is integral to quickly manage changes and problems.


People focused: Our people are equipped with top-class tools, training, processes, and a collaborative, open working environment. We focus on bringing the best out of people, so they can bring the best for others.


Value for clients: With over 90% of our business from returning and long-term clients, we aspire to contribute to our client’s success. When you win, we win.


Years Experience






Global Clients


Client Retention


Software Outsourcing


With over 10 years of professional testing experience, we work hard to provide clean, concise, and professional bug reports.


Our strict staff recruitment process and compulsory training program ensures our colleagues are committed, and able to tackle even the most challenging requests.


We ensure our QA teams are fully equipped with a frequently updated in-house device lab, including 100+ mobile devices (all recent iOS and popular Android devices) and all major web browsers and operating systems.


Allow Testing Hero to become part of your team. We integrate with any of your existing tools and processes, including JIRA, Asana, Trello, and Agile development processes.

We are ready to scale with you. When your project hits a growth curve and needs additional QA capacity, we can quickly add additional testers.

I worked with this company for web application development. The team was easy to work with, very professional, and always receptive to changing requirements. I’ve had several experiences working with offshore teams in the past; They have been the best without a doubt. I’d recommend them to anyone looking to outsource.





Outsourcing software engineering and Quality Assurance has never been a more viable option than it is right now. Pressures of cost restraints, overheads, and the benefits of skilled workforces with cost effective services in locations like South East Asia, are driving the industry. Of all the emerging hot-spots Vietnam has rapidly established its dominance. As far back as 2010, The Gartner report highlighted Vietnam as one of the leading contenders. Forbes named Vietnam as the new alternative to China amidst concerns “due to the increasing costs of labour in China”. Vietnam is #3 in global off-shoring hotspot and #1 in competitive cost (Tower Watson, Services Offshoring Ranking 2013) and in 2014 Gartner elevated Vietnam to a tier 1 Location for outsourcing. It is no surprise that Vietnam is in the top 10 countries for software engineering graduates, and shows that the high level of demand in the industry has a great supply future in Vietnam.


Competitive Costs


Emerging Market


Client Retention


Employee Retention

One of the key aspects of any successful outsourcing relationship is a continued deep understanding of the client's needs, and an in-depth knowledge of the project's characteristics. Employee retention rates play a large part in this, removing the concern of new employees needing time to become familiar with the project. The comparatively lower supply of qualified talented in locations within India, have started driving employment wage wars, and lowering retention rates. Good for the employee, but not so good for consistency in quality, and timely returns.


Vietnam’s bright future in tech is also backed by TechCrunch in a 2015 article, The Promise Of Outsourcing To Vietnam, and with the likes of Eddie Thai and Binh Tran pushing for a new Silicon Valley in Vietnam , the rise of this South East Asian Tech hotbed shows no signs of slowing down. Google chief executive Sundar Pichai visited Vietnam in December and, after meeting with Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, announced Google would help train 1,400 local IT engineers. He said, “Vietnam would soon become one of Google’s most important markets”.

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