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Remote Testing (and How to Benefit from Software Testing Outsourcing)

The software development project does not end with the development process. It must undergo an array of software testing processes before launch. If you do not have an experienced in-house software testing team or if your existing team is limited in size, then outsourcing QA services is considerably more preferable than building your QA team from scratch.

Why You Should Outsource Your Software Testing by Testing Hero

Listed below are the benefits of outsourcing software testing and QA services and how to benefit from it:

Access to Expertise

When you outsource software testing, you will be able to choose the best talents from those software testing outsourcing companies that specialize in your specific areas of concern. Our experience will not only help you launch a more comprehensive, well-functioning product but will also be able to advise on your software testing process and strategy.

You can check our history of successfully handled software testing projects, as well as examine the skill set and range of expertise of our testing team, to affirm if we are acquainted with the details of your developed software product or a similar one.

Faster Results

If you are results-oriented, this is another reason to outsource software testing. With expertise, automation scripts, and vast arrays of devices already in place, an outsourced software testing team can react, scale, and report in extremely efficient timeframes. Even factors such as different time zones can be an advantage for your business. In Testing Hero’s experience, we often run and return results in Asia while our clients in Europe and America are sleeping. This setup will, in turn, shorten the time it takes to complete the software testing life cycle.

To get the most out of outsourcing, ensure that the testing team is reachable during your business hours and even afterward in crunch situations. This is particularly crucial when the software product is almost ready for release.

Focused Operations

Software quality assurance can be a daunting task for your in-house staff. So if you outsource the software testing process, your company can focus on the development process and other core business functions. The workload of your in-house IT team will decrease, which will give them the bandwidth and productivity they need to develop robust, impactful software products. Moreover, your outsourced team will be able to adhere to your timelines without putting an additional burden on your internal staff.

If you entrust a part of your operations to us, we will make sure we deliver a complete portfolio of services for your business requirements, including validating functionality, installation compatibility, performance, scalability, security, and user acceptance. Additional processes that should be given due credit include providing of information about the testing process being implemented and the use of real-time defect tracking systems, as well as the use of a comprehensive roadmap for the allocated process and testing tools as approved by your management team.

Fresh Perspective

Writers’ work, however good they may be, needs to be checked by an editor. The same goes for software developers. Software testing outsourcing companies like Testing Hero will be able to spot flaws that the people in your company may have overlooked. We can give you an unbiased and clear view of your software product and its strengths and weaknesses.

Aside from giving you a fresh perspective, we have an authentic and reliable QA administration system in place. We have a mature, tried and tested process that is aligned with best industry practices. In line with this, we will develop metrics, provide real-time status of the project through status reports, graphical presentations and other team-to-team coordination techniques (if you ask us to do so).

Improved Testing Quality

When testing is outsourced, service providers are to adhere to the ethics and goals of the companies outsourcing them. Because of that, the outsourced software testing service providers like us will ensure the achievement of the desired quality for software products that will compete in a dynamic business landscape. Also, we can assure you that best industry practices are being employed to validate your software products.

But aside from paying attention to the testing quality, look out for adequate security measures to avoid leaks and thefts and safeguard intellectual property rights. Look for ISO certifications, which can give you a strong assurance that best practices are being followed.

Reduced Cost

Working with software testing outsourcing companies like us will help you save money, resources, and time. It is a vastly cost-effective alternative to internal hiring, training, and providing good resources to a new or developing team. Here are some specific ways outsourcing helps in reducing costs:

  • Your company can save on having to hire full-time software testers, as well as avoid paying costly training and benefits comparable to the rest of your team. If the software testing process does not comprise a huge portion of your business plan, it would not be wise to invest in a fully-staffed testing department — especially because software testers demand a large salary.

  • An experienced outsourced software testing team will help you spot mistakes and problems before they end up costing your company money.

  • You would not need to invest in additional technology to get testing done; you could just let a third-party company handle the logistics.

  • If you use an outsourced solution to your software testing process, you will also be able to get a quicker start on your new product development. And new products mean more opportunities to generate more revenue.

One way of reducing cost is this: After settling the technical aspects of the outsourcing agreement, you can negotiate the outsourcing cost and make sure it is aligned with both your and our terms and convenience.


Software testing is a recurring process for many companies engaged in software development. Thus, maintaining an optimal-sized testing team throughout the year may not be a viable option. But by utilizing the QA services of outsourcing companies, you will be able to improve the quality of your final product and acquire your desired process efficiencies.

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