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The Future of Software Testing - 10 Upcoming Trends for 2018

Every year, the software testing industry gets to see some new changes and this year is no exception. Though the updates are good in terms of performance and security, it throws challenges on the way for testers, compelling them to keep learning. The only downside is they may find it tougher to choose the best solutions for their needs.

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Here are 10 emerging trends that may be here to stay:

1. Open source tools will arise

Open source tools are going to rule the software testing industry in the coming years as businesses are going to use them for better performance in terms of Agile, DevOps (development & operations) and test automation. As a result, the groups that support open source tools are going to be more active and involved.

2. Demand for quality at high speed will increase

High-quality products in the fastest possible time will be the need of the hour. As a result, businesses will be forced to raise their product standards so that they can deliver the best user experience within the shortest amount of time. This will inevitably be mostly done by more advanced automation. High-quality scripts in on the rise and showing no sign of slowing down.

3. Demand for software development engineers in testing (SDETs) will rise

Though SDETs have been here for a long time, their role was different from that of traditional testing. However, in the years to come, the test automation field is going to have a huge demand, due to which more testers will have to take up the role of SDETs to be successful.

4. Agile and DevOps will dominate

Test automation developers will migrate into agile teams if they haven't already. Also, traditional testing is showing an inclination towards QA engineering. Testing is expected to become more iterative, progressive and integrated with development in the coming years. Also, software development will be in accordance with testing.

5. Big data testing will be of great importance

We deal with a huge amount of big data today and, therefore, big data testing needs to have a very strong strategy. Dataset testing requires various updated analytical tools, techniques, and frameworks and is an area that is expected to grow big in the very near future.

6. Performance testing will give way for performance engineering

The success of different platforms, operating systems (OSs), and devices depends on the quality of user experience they provide. Demand for best user experience is forcing businesses to change their tactics. As a result, they are shifting their focus from performance tests to performance engineering.

7. Internet of Things (IoT) testing will grow

With IoT on the rise, customers expect products to be the best, especially in terms of their functionality, security, and effectiveness before they use them. All devices under IoT requires Internet connectivity and, therefore, are vulnerable to security risks. It is necessary to perform IoT testing on them. According to a study by HP, 70% of devices in IoT are prone to security risks.

8. Digital testing will soar

Almost all organizations have begun the digital transformation. Their focus these days is mainly on delivering products to the market in the shortest time possible, giving special attention to QA and testing. Therefore, the digital strategy of these organizations must involve optimizing functional testing across all channels.

9. Quality engineering will become prominent with DevOps

DevOps recommends alliance between businesses, developers, and IT professionals. With DevOps, testing has an important role to play as developers participate in the testing process and the net quality engineering aspects. As faster deployment and QA are possible for even the most complex IT systems today, enterprises will find it easier to deliver high-quality products in a quick, cost-efficient manner.

10. Software testing budgets will keep growing

With the huge demand for high-quality products within a short time span, the role of testing has grown beyond just another process. As a result, businesses are allotting approximately 40% of their IT budget for software testing and QA.

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