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The Future of Outsourcing Mobile App Testing

The mobile app testing industry has grown immensely over the last decade, and it will likely continue to do so. The growing demand for more functional apps has also resulted in a widespread interest in mobile app development. Due to the increasing demands, mobile development companies have needed to find ways to keep up with the competition and push innovation. Outsourcing has played one of the biggest parts in the growth of this industry and is showing no signs of slowing down. So what does the future hold for outsourcing mobile app testing?

The Future of Outsourcing Mobile App Testing by Testing Hero

Every year, trends that cause better productivity, development, and improvement are emerging. Mobile app testing trends are redefining the meaning of “quality” through the increase of usability and performance. HTML5 removes the need for additional plug-ins in updating the app, m-commerce and online payments provide more security features and safer online payments, cross-platform development allows applications to be accessed by different devices, and cloud technology gives users easier access to their documents at their convenience.

With the growing trends and demands in this field, outsourcing has become a rather attractive option for companies as it gives you cost effective access to high-quality work forces, that also function of a scalable demand system. Reducing overheads, time-lags of training and hiring, and resource wastage.

What are these outsourcing trends?

Hybrid Cloud Platforms

The use of cloud platforms is continuously growing; cloud technology is set to become the next trendsetter for the outsourcing market. The use of cloud gives users easy and fast access to their public or private cloud files. Public cloud users get quick access to shared files whilst private cloud users get a more security.

For outsourcers, this opens doors for them to be able to improve and innovate their services, giving them the ability to receive bigger data and increased agility and efficiency of their business processes.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA could disrupt existing outsourcing markets and drive down the market cost. But it also increases the ease and efficiency of the business process and reduces human resource expenses. Due to the high inflow of data from different smart devices, tasks like handling large data analytics can only be executed through automation.

This will reduce cost through a quality process execution by using artificial intelligence (AI) to substitute humans on the repetitive work. However, this trend will challenge the managing of points of contact between manual and automated tasks.

Security as Top Priority

Enterprises and outsourcing agencies will strive to protect their data, irrespective of the size and location. Outsourcers and clients have grown their awareness on data security, which challenges and compels them to opt for more advanced security measures such as automation and threat intelligence.

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