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5 Tips on Building Your QA Team

Software testing success depends on the people who will do the job. So before minding the testing process itself, you should mind the testers first.

Here are some tips you can adopt as you build your QA team:

5 Tips on Building Your QA Team by Testing Hero

Clarify their roles and responsibilities.

Before carrying out the project, team members should first understand what they are about to do. Make sure to discuss with them the daily tasks they will be performing for their respective roles, as well as your expectations from them. If these things are clear from the start, they will be able to deliver the desired results.

Involve them in brainstorming sessions.

It is important to involve testers during the early stages of software development so that they will acquire good knowledge and understanding of the application they will test. If they understand the logic and core functions of the application well, they will be able to test it thoroughly.

Get them trained and certified.

Even if you have the most talented pool of testers, it is still important to train them and get them certified in the respective areas they will be working on. You can either nominate them for internal or external certifications. Through technical and domain certifications, the team will be able to perform the testing confidently.

Provide opportunities for career growth.

Everybody wants a progressive career, so you should set that atmosphere as you work with your QA team. Give recognition when due and promote those who deserve it. Communicate with them how they will be able to get to the next level and set expectations.

Establish relationship among team members.

Teamwork makes the dream work, but for the team to flourish, members first need to get to know one another. Foster not just the working relationship within the team, but also the personal relationships.

With a great QA team, you can make sure that you will be able to accomplish a great software testing project.

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