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10 Automated Functional Testing Tools

Automation today can nearly be seen everywhere. The demand for automation has grown increasingly high since knowing manual testing alone is not enough to meet demands anymore. With the use of automation, it is known to prove increased efficiency and effectiveness in recent requests and requirements.

10 Automated Functional Testing Tools By Testing Hero

There are a lot of tools that cater to automated testing, but not all tools will meet your needs. Which is why you have to research which are the best tools for you and your business. Below are 10 of the best automated functional testing tools you should consider.

Selenium is an open source functional testing tool that can be used to test functional testing for both web applications and desktop applications. With the help of Selenium, you can automate browser events and record and play the script without the need for you to learn Selenium IDE. It also accepts many languages to write test scripts, like C#, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Groovy, and Ruby.

Telerik Test Studio is a user-friendly testing tool. Apart from its manual testing capabilities, Telerik Test Studio offers robust functional UI testing, exploratory testing, load testing, performance testing, and mobile testing. It allows testing on multiple platforms, and it can perform parallel execution of test scripts and allows you to re-use test scripts.

Robotium is suitable for testing Android applications. It supports both native and hybrid applications. It makes writing automated black- box test cases leisurely; its framework handles multiple android activities automatically. Maven, Gradle or Ant can be used to test cases as continuous integration.

4. Sahi

Sahi is an open source automation testing tool. It is written in Java and JavaScript languages, provides all the support that requires automated testing for web applications. Inbuilt reports and logs offer detailed test reports to analyze the result. Sahi also provides features like Smart Accessory, Identification, Record and Playback on any browser.

SoapUI is an excellent source tool for functional, load, compliance and security testing to test with SOA and REST based web services. This tool can validate and improve the quality of its services and applications. Drag and drop features are also available to make test creation simple and straightforward. In addition, you can test in multiple environments just by changing the test setup.

Watir (pronounced as water) is an abbreviation for Web Application Testing in Ruby. Divided into three smaller portions: Watir Classic, Watir WebDriver, and Watirspec. Watir WebDriver is a modern version of Watir and based on Selenium. Watir is easy to write and to maintain test cases. With the use of this tool, you will be able to connect to databases, export XML and structure your code as reusable libraries.

TestComplete is a functional testing platform tool that allows you to create reusable, robust and automated tests across web, desktop as well as mobile applications. Its scripting language supports JavaScript, Python, VBScript, JScript, DelphiScript, C++ and C#Script. Silverlight applications can also be tested using TestComplete.

Tosca Testsuite by Tricentis uses model-based test automation to automate software testing and is a very effective end to end functional testing tool. It has a newer version called Tosca Testsuite 9.0 with features that enhancing its efficiency. Using a modern model-based approach that is tested in Agile method development.

Canoo WebTest is an open source testing tool for web applications which requires XML for scripting the tests. Another feature would be the recorder which allows you to a draft of your test that you can readapt and refactor to build robust test suites. Canoo has an excellent reporting system that can quickly understand the test failures in the test case execution.

Marathon allows you to create test script and replay, made up of JAVA/SWING for testing GUI applications. Other advanced features include Intelligent Script, Recorder, Standard Scripting Languages, Flexible and Powerful Object Recognition, Exploratory Testing, Semi-Automatic Testing, Application Launchers, Flexible and Powerful Object Recognition, Data Driven Tests, Modularization and Refactoring and many more.


These are just a few among the many more tools available. These tools may be some of the best, but deciding what tool to use will always depend on what tool will best suit your needs and demands. So, which tool would you choose? We are more than happy to answer that question, we have a dedicated team that you can speak to about anything you may be curious about or need help with.

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