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Successful Mobile App Testing Tips

Millions of different mobile applications are published in the Google Play Store and on the App Store. With the growing amount of apps becoming available, finding loyal users for them is no easy task. Mobile developers should know their users and how the app would appeal to them, which is why mobile software testing process is an essential element in the development phases of building an app.

Successful Mobile App Testing Tips By Testing Hero

Creating a successful is not only just focusing on the development of the application but should also consider mobile app testing. Though mobile app testing is a tedious task, for an app to work smoothly, proper mobile testing should be followed and done. Here are a few tips for mobile testers of any level of experience to keep in mind when testing

Be newbie friendly

The focus is on the first 15 minutes experience, which is usually the most important. New users will usually want an app where it’s user-friendly and can be easily navigated. User experience is highly valuable. Apps with a bad user experience usually discourage your potential users to continue using the app. Make it understandable by making your app easy to navigate. User experience might be overlooked sometimes, a bad user experience which could affect the apps’ market value and the amount players willing to play your game.

Other reasons your app may be uninstalled might be due to bugs, and glitches within your app if it isn’t tested properly. When an app is new, users will need time to understand it and will judge it quickly before fully using it, which also means that your app should give a first strong impression to your users.

Monitor battery use

There are a lot of users who have experienced using apps which have drained their phone batteries faster than expected. Having an app with high consumption of battery use is usually a turnoff for your users. Your mobile software testing process should also include tests on your apps battery consumption.

Performance and Mobile Load Testing

Testing early in the development cycle will allow you to identify and fix possible bugs and other problems before the app goes into production, outsourcing software test companies have available mobile developers and testers to accommodate to your mobile load testing needs. The best times to conduct performance testing and load testings are during the later stages of the software testing lifecycle. By conducting performance testing and mobile load testing, you will allow leverage to numerous cloud-based emulators to mimic user behavior when testing for traffic spikes.

Mobile testing on real devices

With dozens and dozens of available mobile platforms and OS combinations, it would take an overwhelming amount of time to be able to test each available mobile platform. When testing your app on real devices make sure that your app does not cause problems towards the other running apps and the phone itself. When testing on real devices you will be able to conduct performance testing and mobile load testing to test the response of the key device capabilities like GPS, carrier and connectivity issues, battery drain, call and SMS interruption, camera functionality and more.

This as well also includes testing your applications user interface in different screen size devices. Remember, not all devices would have similar sizes this is especially important to android devices. If a user spots elements that don't align with their mobile device, there is a good chance of them hitting the uninstall button. To prevent this, you need to be able to identify the different mobile device type available and to test your app on the models it supports. In cases that different models have the same screen size, only testing one device is sufficient enough.

Crashing, lagging and unstable apps are a few reasons why users tend to uninstall apps which can be very costly when it starts to market. Also maintaining an in-house device lab is expensive, inefficient and expensive. However, with outsourcing software test companies available to cater in different mobile testing services. Equipped with skilled individuals, and latest mobile testing tools they can assist you in your mobile testing queries, QA services and other mobile and functional testing services available.

Automated Performance Testing

Automated performance testing mobile is more important to mobile apps rather than traditional apps. With automated mobile testing you will be able to run parallel test across emulators and real devices, doing so allows you to save configurations before testing, and be able to reuse configuration codes when needed. This speeds up test results and helps you bring your app to the market faster.

But of course, there are still tests that are still best done manually this is especially important if the app requires a lot setup and rarely runs. Keep in mind for automated performance testing need the right mobile testing tools.

Platform guidelines

Make sure your app follows the guidelines of the different platforms available. If your mobile game does not follow the standard platform guidelines, there is a chance of your app failing and can get frustrating. Specific features of your game might conflict with your device. If your mobile game, for example, has a built-in back button this may conflict with the back button of android devices. But if your game supports iOS without any built-in button can be very irritating to play and navigate through the game.

Check the internet speed and connection

Users internet connection can have a significant impact on the user experience on the app. Apps with rich media content may have issues on running with a slow connection; this could also affect the gameplay of games like Mobile Legends, Angels of Valor and similar games where internet stability is essential for smooth gaming.

Besides the internet speed, testing your connection is essential as well. A sudden loss of connection may lead to issues in in-app purchases. If your game cannot finish the user's transaction due to internet connection a friendly message should be displayed that says the connection has been lost. Internet tests should be included in your mobile testing services.

Final Say

Even if mobile app testing can be a daunting task for mobile developers due to multiple and prolonged testing processes, it is an essential part of mobile game development. Proper mobile testing and proper mobile testing tools ensure a smooth and glitch-free mobile gaming experience which leads to creating a successful mobile game.

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